Underwater photography and custom design

I help others understand the underwater world through my photography, design, and by sharing my exploration.

–Jennifer Idol

Design services

I specialize in creating websites, brochures, logos, and underwater photography for dive shops, equipment manufacturers, boat charters, or conservation entities.

For more than a decade, I have been creating quality designs. My clients include Osprey Cruises, Red Dragon Pirate Cruises, Selky Charters, the Manta Pacific Research Foundation, Fangmarks blog, and Dive World Austin. My work has been published in Sport Diver, Texas Aquatic Science, Outdoor Oklahoma, and Underwater Speleology.

First woman to dive 50 states

In 2011, I set out to dive all 50 states so that I could raise awareness of our country's beautiful underwater world. This journey has transformed how I see our ecology, how I take photos, and my goals and future projects. I complete this journey in 2015 and look forward to sharing the story with you in my book, on Facebook, and in presentations.


About the artist

I've been diving for over 20 years and care deeply about our oceans and inland waterways. With my professional diving experience, I understand the scuba industry. Also, more than 10 years of professional design and photography experience help me create effective and custom work for a great value.

Contact me to learn more about my services.

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